How to make a win at Burning hot sevens?

People play gambling in order to make money. Some play it for adventure and as a hobby but most of the people have the intention to make money by playing gambling and casino games such as card games, blackjack, roulette and even slot games. As a gambler, you would want to win a maximum number of prizes when you play any slot game. There are different winning possibilities in each of the slot machines and one must choose a slot that provides maximum earnings.

Apart from choosing the best slot game, one must know the rules of the game in order to win big. Burning hot is a video slot game which includes strategic planning and playing in order to win the most. Read on to know the ways to make the most amount of money on this slot game.

Tester feedback – the tester feedback is based on playing the slot game online on the website which offers burning hot slot game for free. In the beginning, the tester has got a long series of empty spins and followed by that he managed to get a big win. In order to win the reels will be filled with lemon symbols. As there was no wildcard or special symbol in the game the player made small payments only. The situation did not seem to change even after changing the amount of bet. You must play this game burning hot according to your abilities and do not think that a higher bet will get you more money. Keep patience, it is not sure that you will earn right from the first game. Just keep playing.

Important characteristics of the game machine

  • Although the pay-out ratio is 95.06 this does not guarantee a positive winning expectation.
  • The volatility of the game is average.
  • The slot test in free mode is average.
  • The winning is average depending on the type and class of the player.
  • You can win up to 16,000 coins in one go.
  • There are bonus rounds in the form of free spins that can double your winning.

How to make a win at Burning hot sevens?

Strategy to win burning hot

it is best to enter the free spins mode. You can get them when you are playing at low-interest rates of up to 20 credits per spin. This helps you double your earnings.

If you are not looking for free spins, then bet more than 50 credits per spin. If you are able to fill all cells with the same symbol, then you double your earnings. Playing a risk game can be quite profitable.