High or low volatility: which slots to play(918 kisses)           

In the era of corona, we all have started playing different games. When we get to know that we can earn by winning a game, we all want to start playing that game. These games are easy to play, less time-consuming, and available on our phones.

918 kiss jackpot game is one of them. It is an online casino game. This game is a very famous Malaysian game. In this game, there are different tables of players and 15-17 different slots. You can play in any slot and earn. Earning depends depend upon your limit of betting. We all have one question in our minds when we are playing this game, which is about the volatility of this game.

One must be aware of these terms as everyone want to win in the game, and it is always good to have a strategy to gain higher rewards.

We all want to know how to win 918 kiss jackpot, let me be helpful.

How to determine volatility

Casino game designers do not provide information regarding the volatility of the game. However, there are specific ways you can determine the volatility of the game.

First, by playing the game for some time and determine the rewards.

One can easily guess the volatility of the game by experience.

You can watch games paytable to determine the volatility of the game, and if the prices are high, the game is medium to high volatile.

Difference between high volatile and low volatile slots

High volatile slots

You can play High volatile slots at greater risk because payouts are larger, but they are fewer in number.

The chances of winning jackpots are less or further in between.       

If you want to play high volatile slots, you must have a lot of time along with a lot of cash in hand. 

You will have to bet higher in these slots.

Playing high volatile slots requires a significant amount of patience as well.

If you have plenty of time and a considerable amount of money, this could be your game. 

Low volatile slots

Low volatile slots have lesser risk because payouts are smaller but more frequent.

The chances of winning jackpots are more.

If you want to play low volatile slots, you do not need much time and more cash in hand.

You can bet lower in slots.

If you are a busy person and do not have time and like to play in between breaks, this is your game as you will keep winning smaller rewards.


When we are playing the 918 kiss jackpot game, we all what to win. Every online casino game has low to high volatility. We can learn that with experience, or I have suggested some of the tips from my personal experience. For that, we need to learn to play in a perfect slot according to your bet. When we are betting in a perfect slot, we have greater chances of winning big.