Secrets To Beat The Professional Sports Betting

There is no one solid strategy on how to place your wager on sports. But there are some secrets and tips which you can follow to beat the professional sports betting. Read on to find out what they are.

If you are a novice in the field of sports betting, you might be confused on how to go about the process of choosing the best wager. Though there is no shortcut to finding a great bet, these tips will help you beat the professional sports betting.

  1. Don’t check the odds too soon

Sometimes, you might have a dubious sense of who is going to win the match. The next thing what professional bettors do is think about the game, the potential match-ups, strategies and the outcomes. The biggest mistake amateur bettors make is by looking at the odds even before analysing the game. This can hurt your capacity to assess between a good and a bad wager effectively. Some portals also offer live betting odds like –

The right way of going about this is with every bet you place, evaluate the potential probabilities of the forthcoming games and check whether the odds offered present you with a value option.

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  1. Have a view

Everything starts with a viewpoint. Select a match (of the sport you are interested in betting), utilise your insight, your spreadsheet of details, data gathered from the web, and a model you have come up with or your instincts to form a view on what the result could be. If you find that your model is firmly anticipating a win, or it could be you’ve recognised a stable pattern, this is your starting point. Practising this for weeks can make you a pro at it and help you beat the professional sports betting.

  1. Refine the view

Having a view is not going to help you if it is not backed up with relative data and tested in reality. After taking a view, you have to refine it. Many reputable sportsbooks offer expert opinion about the game which can help you improve your view. You can also refine your view by listening to other smart bettors discuss their point of view and check if your line of thinking is correct. Dive into the data and change some if you find your line of thinking is improper.

  1. Work out the odds according to what you think

Work out the probability of an event occurring. Give a percentage chance of the odd happening. You can do so by calculating how many times would ‘x’ happen in 10 runnings of the event. If in the last ten games, team ‘A’ had beaten team ‘B’ 5 times, lost thrice, and drawn twice, the odds are:

Team ‘A’ 5/10= 50%

Team ‘B’ 3/10= 30%

Draw 2/10= 20%

Convert percentages to odds by diving 1 by the decimal percentage value. This gives to the decimal odds.

Team ‘A’: 5/10= 0.5


Team ‘B’: 3/10= 0.3


Draw: 2/10= 0.2

            1/0.2= 5.0

  1. Check the elusive value

After working on your own odds, check them against the market and question on the off chance that you’ve missed anything. What we are hoping to find odds that are higher than our predicted probabilities. This gives you an elusive value.

For example, you predicted that team ‘A’ has a probability of 50% of winning, that is odds of 2.0. If you look at the market and find that team ‘A’ is priced at 2.5 for the game (which is a probability of 40%), it means that the market thinks this outcome is more improbable and hence the odds are higher. Rehash this for every game you have a strong view on.

So these were some tips on how to beat the professional sports betting. Above all, research thoroughly before placing your wager.